24 May 2016 » C-Dogs 0.6.1 Released!

    Introducing C-Dogs SDL 0.6.1, with a heap of new campaigns, editor improvements and bug fixes!

    Thanks to sauer2, there are 6 new campaigns you can try out, many with unique levels and cool custom weapons!

    New Campaigns

    Downloads and release notes:

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    11 May 2016 » Bleeding

    Added bleeding. The trail of blood is a friendly reminder that you need to find a health pack!


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    07 May 2016 » C-Dogs is now free

    CC BY

    C-Dogs SDL is now completely free! All original data has been released as CC-BY 3.0.

    I have contacted Ronny Wester, the original author, who agreed to do the release. Now C-Dogs SDL is 100% free and open!

    Look out for version 0.6.1 soon; it has a load of bug fixes and some sweet new campaigns courtesy of sauer2!

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    10 Mar 2016 » C-Dogs 0.6.0 Released!

    After an extended development period, C-Dogs SDL 0.6.0 is finally ready!

    The biggest features in this release are:

    • LAN multiplayer
    • Replaced tileset
    • Replaced sounds

    But the most significant changes were reworking the internal systems, which also explains the unusually long time to make this release (0.5.8 was almost 1 year ago!) C-Dogs SDL has some pretty new and cool tech behind the scenes:

    • SDL2, which allows modern features like joystick hot-plugging, accelerated graphics, joystick rumble and more
    • ENet, for reliable yet low latency networking
    • Nanopb, a super low-overhead protocol buffers implementation

    But as one may expect with major releases like this one, there’s plenty of room for bugs, so please try the game out and send in the bug reports and feedback!

    The next release should be much less ambitious (and come much sooner). Watch the issue milestones to keep track of the next release plans!

    Downloads and release notes:

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    08 Mar 2016 » C-Dogs Portable LAN

    Version 0.6.0 is coming soon!

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