12 Apr 2024 » C-Dogs 2.1.0 Released!

Here’s a minor release of C-Dogs SDL!

Not much to write about, this one is mostly bug fixes (there’s quite a few so it’s worth upgrading), but it does have one feature that I’m pretty pleased with: a pause menu with options!

Pause menu

Classic C-Dogs had an interesting way of pausing and exiting the game: press Esc once to pause, and press Esc again to quit (or press any other key to unpause). It has its perks, like being able to quit quickly by just mashing Esc, but to players not used to it, it’s easy to get tripped up.

So in addition to implementing a conventional pause menu, we’ve transplanted the options menu in it, which means you can change options - graphics, controls, almost everything - mid-game, and have them take effect immediately! This is a great quality of life feature and I’m sure it’ll be used quite a lot by new players.

Of course some options wouldn’t be expected to apply properly (like changing player HP, that would probably require a level restart), nevertheless it should be a good feature overall. In the future we can add more to the pause menu, like mission briefing.

Download free from itch.io: https://congusbongus.itch.io/cdogs-sdl/purchase

Release notes: https://github.com/cxong/cdogs-sdl/releases/tag/2.1.0

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17 Feb 2024 » C-Dogs 2.0.0 Released!

Once in a blue moon, we have a major release, the big 2.0, featuring Cyberdogs!

Cyberdogs is a freeware DOS run-and-gun shooter by Ronny Wester, released in 1994. If that sounds familiar, that’s because it’s the prequel to C-Dogs! The two games look alike but actually play very different - in Cyberdogs you can earn money and buy and sell weapons between levels, and the gameplay is a lot more tense. There are many folks who prefer Cyberdogs to C-Dogs as a result.

With this release, we’ve added Cyberdogs as a campaign in C-Dogs SDL, so you can enjoy this classic oldie but goodie, but with all the modern C-Dogs SDL enhancements (wanna try 4 player co-op?) It’s no exaggeration to say this feature was 10 years in the making! In order to implement Cyberdogs, a lot of major features had to be made - buy/sell weapons, a revamped equip menu showing prices and ammo, new pickup types like over-healing and extra lives, enemies that can both shoot and melee, and many many more - not to mention lots of reverse engineering and tweaking gameplay so it feels the same. Some of the features have trickled out to other parts of C-Dogs SDL, for example the Wolf3D extra life pickups now actually give you an extra life 😆

Last but not least this release contains a bunch of fixes and enhancements made possible by awesome contributors, special thanks to reinerh for miscellaneous fixes and helping to get C-Dogs SDL into debian! Big thanks to all who made it happen. Also thanks to @PavanLuca, @naddoska, @rootkea and @hucarxiao for various contributions; it’s great to see that C-Dogs SDL is going slowly but strongly, so keep those patches and bug reports coming in!

Download free from itch.io: https://congusbongus.itch.io/cdogs-sdl/purchase

Release notes: https://github.com/cxong/cdogs-sdl/releases/tag/2.0.0

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28 Jul 2023 » C-Dogs 1.5.0 Released!

It’s a C-Dogs SDL release! With one minor feature: customize hats, hair, facial hair and glasses!

cranial accessories

Plus a big bunch of fixes and enhancements! Thanks to @Kurtsley, @PavanLuca and @reinerh for fixing/raising them 💪

And finally, a controversial feature removal: quickplay!

Quickplay was a mode that was added way way back in version 0.5.2. It let players jump into a randomly generated level and start running and gunning, without having to choose a campaign. It was slightly improved over the years but the premise stayed the same: get started quickly and shoot up some bad guys.

However lots of players new to C-Dogs would pick this mode first, and walk away unimpressed by the game, thinking it’s just a simple shooting game. But with dozens of high quality campaigns, mods, even the ability to play Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny, this was a highly inaccurate impression!

Therefore I’ve made the decision to hide the feature entirely - you can’t play it unless you re-enable it via the source code. I could consider adding it back if enough people ask me to, or if we can greatly improve its quality.

And by the way, C-Dogs SDL is on Mastodon 🐘! Join and follow the #CDogsSDL tag to get more frequent updates, news and cool screenshots!

Download free from itch.io: https://congusbongus.itch.io/cdogs-sdl/purchase

Release notes: https://github.com/cxong/cdogs-sdl/releases/tag/1.5.0

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11 May 2023 » C-Dogs 1.4.2 Released!

Hey there, this is a bug fix release! There were crashes when bullets in some custom missions were missing hitsounds - nasty NULL ptr bugs!

Line Charges - an example of missing hitsounds that was crashing the game

Download free from itch.io: https://congusbongus.itch.io/cdogs-sdl/purchase

Release notes: https://github.com/cxong/cdogs-sdl/releases/tag/1.4.2

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12 Feb 2023 » C-Dogs 1.4.1 Released!

Happy belated 2023! A feature release is in the works with exciting goodies, but until then here comes a bug fix release!

The most pressing fix is a Windows crash when adjusting audio settings, but there’s also a bunch of random bug fixes and tweaks if you check the release notes.

AI Insurgency

GIF unrelated - just a mission in the AI Insurgency campaign

If you want to stay up to date with the latest C-Dogs SDL development (cooking slowly), follow the GitHub project page: https://github.com/users/cxong/projects/3/views/1

Download free from itch.io: https://congusbongus.itch.io/cdogs-sdl/purchase

Release notes: https://github.com/cxong/cdogs-sdl/releases/tag/1.4.1

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