31 May 2015 » Moonwalking

    Some modest but promising progress:

    What you see here is two instances of C-Dogs SDL, connected over localhost. One is sending move commands to the other. I haven’t added direction in yet, hence the hovering.

    The hard part about adding networked multiplayer to an older game like C-Dogs is its architecture: the whole thing must be partitioned into client and server portions, with events connecting the two. That’s well under way, but connecting everything up is fiddly and feels like transplant surgery. Fingers crossed, the next version of C-Dogs SDL might have networked multiplayer!

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    25 May 2015 » ADG C-Dogs review

    Just came across a video review of C-Dogs (the original) in the Ancient DOS Games series:

    Although there’s no mention of C-Dogs SDL, the review and the series is quite good, very in depth and insightful. Check out the review of Cyberdogs too!

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    03 May 2015 » Deathmatch

    The 0.5.8 release includes deathmatch mode. Before this, C-Dogs had “dogfight” where you fight your friends in a first-to-5, multiple round game. With deathmatch, the action is non-stop! Keep your finger on the trigger; the action doesn’t end until only one is left standing - or none at all!

    Deathmatch screen

    The heads below the health bar are lives

    Also included are a few maps specially designed for deathmatch, with weapon and ammo spawners spread around the map. These levels may seem familiar…

    Deathmatch maps

    Each level also comes with devastating custom weapons!

    Super shotgunBFG

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    19 Apr 2015 » C-Dogs 0.5.8 Released!

    This release contains an all-new game mode, deathmatch! Duke it out with friends (or AI) in a single round, limited lives, last one standing wins!

    There were many features added to support this release, including:

    • Ammo
    • Weapon pickups
    • Deathmatch maps

    And many more! Details will be coming with future posts…


    Full release notes:

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    15 Jan 2015 » C-Dogs SDL on Play Deb 2 (Ubuntu)

    Recently, C-Dogs SDL has been added to the Play Deb 2 repository! This means that, if you use Ubuntu, you can install cdogs-sdl like any package (e.g. via apt-get)!

    Thanks to the folks behind this work.

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