04 Sep 2014 » Sound dampening

    This video demonstrates some simple sound dampening added recently. Any sounds that occur out of the player’s direct line of sight is attenuated and dampened. Listen for yourself:

    The implementation is quite simple. The line of sight routine is already available and used in a few places already - AI, even the editor for drawing lines - and dampening the high frequencies is very easy: just apply a moving average on all the audio samples. I encourage anyone using SDL_mixer to try this technique out!

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    04 Sep 2014 » Corner sliding

    Here’s something that should make the game easier to pick up: corner sliding. If the player is walking into a corner of a wall, they will slide around the corner instead of being stopped completely. This makes walking through those tight corridors much eaiser.

    The feature was implemented using a hybrid diamond/AABB collision shape for players. The diamond shape is used when moving in cardinal directions (up/down/left/right). This creates the corner sliding, as the diamond “slides” around the corners. AABB (axis-aligned bounding box) is used when moving diagonally, so that wall sliding works, which has been in C-Dogs all along.

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    21 Aug 2014 » C-Dogs on GCW Zero!

    C-Dogs has been ported to GCW Zero, the open source handheld! Check out the release thread here. You can now find a download button for the .opk in the site’s headers.

    David Knight did the porting work; see more details here.

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    02 Aug 2014 » Blood Splatter

    Development update: adding some blood splatter effects. Very violent! You will be able to configure the amount of blood.

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    27 Jul 2014 » Player Shuffle

    Adding a new feature: player shuffle. It even includes a wacky random name generator, with a crude demo available here.

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