30 Nov 2020 » C-Dogs 0.10.1 Released!

C-Dogs SDL 0.10.1 released! This is a bug fix release to fix the game freezing when slow-moving clouds bounce against walls (e.g. exploding barrels, smoke grenades).

Thanks to @STRRRRR and @karjonas for reporting 🎉

Downloads and release notes: https://github.com/cxong/cdogs-sdl/releases/tag/0.10.1

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25 Nov 2020 » C-Dogs 0.10.0 Released!

C-Dogs SDL 0.10.0 released! This release adds a new dog character, adds some custom character bodies, and includes miscellaneous enhancements and fixes.


Thanks to @chack05 for reporting many bugs and @JonDegn for contributing a patch 🎉

This will most likely be the last non-bugfix release for this year - rest assured major features are in the pipeline! So until then, happy gaming!

Downloads and release notes: https://github.com/cxong/cdogs-sdl/releases/tag/0.10.0

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01 Oct 2020 » C-Dogs 0.9.1 Released!

C-Dogs SDL 0.9.1 released! This release fixes a few bugs that would spawn players inside locked rooms, making them unwinnable (unless you restart the level). Oops! 😂

Thanks to the people who reported bugs and contributed patches for this release - @chack05, @Wuzzy and @susnux 🎉

Happy October, and friendly reminder that Hacktoberfest is happening!

Downloads and release notes: https://github.com/cxong/cdogs-sdl/releases/tag/0.9.1

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17 Sep 2020 » C-Dogs 0.9 Released!

C-Dogs SDL 0.9 released! This release contains a further revamped Doom campaign with support for secret levels, ammo/gun persistence, and a few new hats!

Doom secret


Downloads and release notes: https://github.com/cxong/cdogs-sdl/releases/tag/0.9.0

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25 Aug 2020 » Hazmat

A teaser for a new hat for the next version: hazmat!


Stay safe everybody!

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