21 Aug 2021 » C-Dogs 1.0.0 Released!

This is a special release, including a built-in mod that allows C-Dogs to play Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny!

If you have Wolfenstein 3D or Spear of Destiny installed from Steam or GOG, they will show up in C-Dogs SDL as campaigns!

Alternately you can get the mission pack from the Downloads page, which includes the shareware Wolfenstein 3D episode 1.

This mod has been in the making for over a year, and along the way lots of features have been added, including vehicles!

C-Dogs SDL should have been version 1.0 long ago, but this big release was the excuse to finally do it 🍾

Which brings me to sad news; C-Dogs SDL is going into hiatus 😔 While it’s been really fun working on this game since 2013, I’m ready to move onto different projects. This doesn’t mean a complete stop; there will be occasional bug fixes and the like.

Happy gaming!

Downloads and release notes: https://github.com/cxong/cdogs-sdl/releases/tag/1.0.0

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20 Jul 2021 » C-Dogs 0.13.0 Released!

This release brings a fresh new look to C-Dogs! Last release we added a chaingun sprite; this release adds weapon sprites for all weapons, which lets you see at a glance what guns the enemies are holding:

Pretty neat huh? There are also some AI enhancements, particularly around waking up:

  • Add peripheral vision
  • Wake on hearing gunfire nearby
  • Wake on seeing someone being attacked

So you can do things like catch a sleeping enemy by sneaking around behind it! Try it out 🥳

Downloads and release notes: https://github.com/cxong/cdogs-sdl/releases/tag/0.13.0

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21 May 2021 » C-Dogs 0.12.0 Released!

A new release is ready! This release fixes a bunch of bugs, including LAN multiplayer which was broken in recent releases, but we also manage to pack in a bunch of little features and enhancements, like…

Dual-wielded pistols!

Chaingun and pistol in-game sprites!


…and more. Thanks to @nixinator, @sumater, @viki-t-s and @chack05 for reporting bugs and suggesting features.

As always, happy gaming! 🥳

Downloads and release notes: https://github.com/cxong/cdogs-sdl/releases/tag/0.12.0

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13 Apr 2021 » C-Dogs 0.11.1 Released!

This is a bug fix release to fix frequent hangs at game startup. We also managed to squeeze in a neat feature: live backgrounds!

Happy gaming! 🥳

Downloads and release notes: https://github.com/cxong/cdogs-sdl/releases/tag/0.11.1

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27 Mar 2021 » C-Dogs 0.11.0 Released!

Here comes another release of C-Dogs SDL with new features and fixes!

This release adds a new map type: interiors!

Interior map

Based off BSP/L-system map generators and with Zelda-style lock-and-key placement, this map type simulates the cramped environments of a building interior, with plenty of straight corridors and rooms branching off them. Collect all the keys to make it through from one end of the level to the other!

This map type has been included in the Sand campaign, and is also available in the campaign editor. For a more detailed writeup of this new map type, see the blog post: http://cxong.github.io/2021/02/bsp-lock-and-key

Also included in this release are some minor features and bug fixes, like bone-rattle footstep sounds for skeletons, mouse-driven menus, and a nasty crash when changing game options (thanks to @viki-t-s for reporting!)

Mouse driven menus

Stay tuned as exciting releases are planned ahead!

Downloads and release notes: https://github.com/cxong/cdogs-sdl/releases/tag/0.11.0

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