30 Oct 2019 » C-Dogs 0.7 Released!

    C-Dogs SDL 0.7 released! This release adds a big bunch of graphical enhancements. Here’s the major ones:

    New HUD

    HUD bar

    Customizable Hats/Hair

    Hats and hair

    New Particle Effects

    Smoke trails

    Spall explosions

    And there’s a load of more enhancements and fixes; find it all in the release notes!

    Broken Stuff

    Sadly there’s a few outstanding issues with the game. During this release there was a massive graphical refactor, and as a result there are still a few niggling issues, and the editor is pretty broken 😿 These will be fixed in future releases.

    Different Versioning

    On an administrative note, we’ll be changing the versioning system slightly. Previous releases tended to bump the patch version (e.g. 0.6.8 -> 0.6.9) but this doesn’t quite make sense since lots of new features get added all the time. So the next release is slated to be 0.8. Patch number will be bumped on fixes only. And if there happens to be major changes, we might finally go to 1.0 😱

    Happy gaming! 🎉

    Downloads and release notes:

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    07 Aug 2019 » New HUD Bar

    It’s been a while since the last update! The next release of C-Dogs SDL is still on the way, with lots of features. Here’s a sneak peek: a new HUD redesign!

    new hud

    The old HUD was nice and minimal but as we’ve added features like ammo and grenades, it was getting a little cramped. This new HUD is much more condensed and with 90’s pixel art stylin’. We hope you like it too!

    new hud animated

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    02 Dec 2018 » New Helmet Character

    New helmet guy coming in the next release!

    helmet guy

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    10 Nov 2018 » C-Dogs 0.6.9 Released!

    C-Dogs SDL 0.6.9 released! This release adds bullet trails to hitscan guns, as well as Superhot mode…

    Hitscan trails

    Hitscan guns were added several releases ago, but one notable thing was missing… bullet trails! Well this release belatedly adds them and take a look:


    Superhot(tm) mode

    Just for fun, we’ve added a new gameplay option. Just like its namesake, when enabled, time stops unless you are pressing a button.


    Find it in the Game options menu!

    Fixes and improvements

    As usual, there are bug fixes and neat improvements in addition to the new features, that are worth upgrading for. Check it out in the release notes, and as always happy gaming! 💥🔫💥

    Downloads and release notes:

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    31 Aug 2018 » C-Dogs 0.6.8 Released!

    C-Dogs SDL 0.6.8 released! This is a minor release with some neat improvements to the game.

    Gun Swapping

    Previously, guns could only be picked up if: you didn’t have the gun, or if you did, you were low on its ammo. Picking up the gun always made it disappear.

    Now, you can always pick up guns, but you’ll drop the gun you’re currently holding.

    gun swap

    Grenades As Ammo

    Grenade pickups have also been improved. There’s no longer separate grenade “gun” and “ammo” pickups, it’s just grenades:

    • If you have the same grenades, you pick them up as ammo
    • If not, you can switch to them as if they were gun pickups

    grenade pickups

    Constant Scale Window Resizing

    When resizing the window, the game screen will also reset to maintain constant pixel sizes. No more stretchy aliasing!

    constant scale resize

    Downloads and release notes:

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