30 Jun 2014 » Let’s Play German

    I stumbled across an LP (it’s in German); it’s pretty amusing in any case, enjoy!

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    17 Jun 2014 » Shotshells

    Working on particles, custom weapons and more. Just a little teaser:

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    09 Jun 2014 » Crazy weapons

    The next version of C-Dogs SDL is progressing along, and most likely will feature custom weapons. Every weapon stat (cost, reload time, sounds, spread etc.) is now loaded from a data file, and campaigns will be able to provide their own definitions for unique weapons. Here’s just some crazy weapons available:

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    20 May 2014 » Autonomous Co-op AI

    More updates for upcoming features in 0.5.6. Improvements to the co-op AI means that even if all human players die, the AI will attempt to go around the map and complete all objectives.

    The AI still needs some optimisation; on large maps with long paths, the pathfinding can cause huge slowdowns in the game.

    A few other updates shown in the video:

    • Muzzle flash
    • Ricochet sounds (when bullets hit the wall)

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    12 May 2014 » Co-op AI confusion

    Hope you’re enjoying C-Dogs SDL!

    0.5.6 development is under way; the goal once again being more polishing and refactoring, so that more awesome features can be added.

    This upcoming release will have some neat co-op AI enhancements. The co-op AI will form the basis for the new AI system, but it’s in its infancy and has a lot of flaws. One of them is that the AI reacts badly to being confused - it would simply run in the opposite direction to where it’s meant to, which often means away from the player!

    Instead, the AI has been improved to be alternately confused. It would alternate between performing some random, nonsensical action, and doing the right thing. Here’s a video demonstrating this:

    The AI will still be handicapped by the confuse gas, but they will not simply run away.

    Besides this, the AI has also had some fixes to its tendency to get stuck behind objects. This should make playing with co-op AI much more fun.

    Stay tuned for more progress updates!

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