23 Jul 2014 » Fun with Guns

    This is a teaser for a big new feature in 0.5.6: custom weapons! All the weapons you see in this video are custom loaded data, not part of the game itself.

    The next version of C-Dogs SDL is coming soon!

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    30 Jun 2014 » Rocket Launcher

    More teasers! This time it’s a new weapon, a rocket launcher.

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    30 Jun 2014 » Let’s Play German

    I stumbled across an LP (it’s in German); it’s pretty amusing in any case, enjoy!

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    17 Jun 2014 » Shotshells

    Working on particles, custom weapons and more. Just a little teaser:

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    09 Jun 2014 » Crazy weapons

    The next version of C-Dogs SDL is progressing along, and most likely will feature custom weapons. Every weapon stat (cost, reload time, sounds, spread etc.) is now loaded from a data file, and campaigns will be able to provide their own definitions for unique weapons. Here’s just some crazy weapons available:

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