About me

I am a hobbyist game developer; I love making games! When I'm not game jamming on random ideas, I'm tinkering on open source games.

I compose music every now and then:

Sometimes I ramble about game dev, which amuses me and confuses others.

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I'm always looking out for new projects to collaborate on, whether for jams or for fun!

Likes: open source, HTML5, games with great music, pandas

Dislikes: big ideas, packaging, bad coffee

I started making games as a hobby in 2005, with a project that was equal parts learning, portfolio building and remaking a game I enjoyed. The game itself went nowhere but did get me started in my professional career.

After a 2-year hiatus where I absorbed my first-hand lessons, I rediscovered the joy of game dev through picking up the maintenance of an open source game in 2013. What followed were years of productive and diverse game dev where I explored game engines, built prototypes, attended jams (even winning a few) and discovered amazing communities of game makers.

Take a look at the Games page to see some of the stuff I've built so far. These days if I'm not tinkering on something there, I'm looking for ideas, projects and people to collaborate with. Hit me up with your game idea!