C-Dogs 0.6.8 Released!

31 Aug 2018

C-Dogs SDL 0.6.8 released! This is a minor release with some neat improvements to the game.

Gun Swapping

Previously, guns could only be picked up if: you didn’t have the gun, or if you did, you were low on its ammo. Picking up the gun always made it disappear.

Now, you can always pick up guns, but you’ll drop the gun you’re currently holding.

gun swap

Grenades As Ammo

Grenade pickups have also been improved. There’s no longer separate grenade “gun” and “ammo” pickups, it’s just grenades:

  • If you have the same grenades, you pick them up as ammo
  • If not, you can switch to them as if they were gun pickups

grenade pickups

Constant Scale Window Resizing

When resizing the window, the game screen will also reset to maintain constant pixel sizes. No more stretchy aliasing!

constant scale resize

Downloads and release notes: https://github.com/cxong/cdogs-sdl/releases/tag/0.6.8

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