11 Nov 2014 » C-Dogs 0.5.7 Released!

This release contains a big mix of enhancements and bug fixes. Just check out the news posts, a lot of goodies are there.

Thanks to all the folks who dropped in to contribute code, builds, ports, bug reports, and stay tuned for more!

Downloads: https://sourceforge.net/projects/c-dogs-sdl/files/

Full release notes: https://github.com/cxong/cdogs-sdl/releases/tag/0.5.7

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13 Sep 2014 » Fire & Strafe

Added a new movement option: strafing while firing. As long as the fire button is held down, the player can move without turning. This makes rapid-fire weapons much easier to use:

Feels like a shoot-em-up!

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08 Sep 2014 » New Object Sprites

Here are some new sprites for the “map objects” - static objects that you can blow up, old versus new:

These were mostly adapted from various sprite packs from OpenGameArt. All the graphics in the game (including the font) will need to be replaced as unfortunately the original ones are not open source. Once that’s done then C-Dogs can be 100% free!

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04 Sep 2014 » Sound dampening

This video demonstrates some simple sound dampening added recently. Any sounds that occur out of the player’s direct line of sight is attenuated and dampened. Listen for yourself:

The implementation is quite simple. The line of sight routine is already available and used in a few places already - AI, even the editor for drawing lines - and dampening the high frequencies is very easy: just apply a moving average on all the audio samples. I encourage anyone using SDL_mixer to try this technique out!

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04 Sep 2014 » Corner sliding

Here’s something that should make the game easier to pick up: corner sliding. If the player is walking into a corner of a wall, they will slide around the corner instead of being stopped completely. This makes walking through those tight corridors much eaiser.

The feature was implemented using a hybrid diamond/AABB collision shape for players. The diamond shape is used when moving in cardinal directions (up/down/left/right). This creates the corner sliding, as the diamond “slides” around the corners. AABB (axis-aligned bounding box) is used when moving diagonally, so that wall sliding works, which has been in C-Dogs all along.

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