02 Apr 2014 » Comments

    I’ve added comment controls on every post via Disqus; please don’t hesitate to let me know what you think!

    Of course, for suggestions, ideas, bug reports and whatever, you can also try raising an issue on Github, emailing me or using the mailing list.

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    16 Mar 2014 » Screen shake

    Tweaked the screen shake a bit. Small explosions have a fast shake; large explosions can leave the screen shaking a lot and for longer.

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    16 Mar 2014 » Exit compass

    For exits and (some) objectives, the game will show compass arrows at the edge of the screen to show the players where they are.

    These notifications tell the players where to go without having to bring up the map, as the map is very distracting in multiplayer.

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    19 Feb 2014 » Character objective highlight

    Added a highlight border around characters that are objectives (e.g. ones that you have to kill or rescue). This makes the game easier to understand.

    Part of:

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    16 Feb 2014 » Score update animation

    I’ve added a small animation when the player’s score is updated. Comments and suggestions are welcome:

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